Get more from your resources!
Spetskompetens is the small company with the large competence. We believe in humans as the most important resource and we are passionate about development at all levels. Whether it is about individual development, team development or organizational development, we can help.


We also believe that development is, and should be, easy. Therefore, we have made some of the best psychometric tests available to you through us. You can easily purchase them online here, or contact us if you want a more customized assistance to optimize your specific resources.


You can hire us as consultants in everything that concerns human resources, such as employer branding, recruitment or exit processes. We know that in the end it is all about measurable results, and we dare to guarantee that you get it by using Spetskompetens.

Development of organizations and teams

Optimize team performance and get more from your resources!

We are passionate about helping you to highlight and reinforce your strengths and to find constructive solutions to any problems.


We work in a practical and hands-on way and with the help of our organizational and team development, you will gain knowledge about your:


  • Typical behavior

  • Strengths and pitfalls

  • Communication Styles

  • Motivation Styles

  • Development opportunities


Let us analyze the composition of your team and then customize a program to work with your strengths, pitfalls, goals and obstacles. The scope of the program can be half a day, a full day or more depending on preference. Contact us for a discussion.

Hire an HR professional

Human Resource is a part of all businesses, from the small one-man company to the international group. Human Resource is about everything related to the human being as a resource, from attracting the right kind of employees for the company to letting go of those that should not stay.


We work with the entire life cycle perspective and provide our services related to some of the most important processes:


  • Attract

  • Recruit

  • Develop

  • Exit


In larger companies, there are often departments dedicated to these issues, but whether your company is large or small, sometimes the need for high quality HR arises. It may be the interim HR-solution while waiting for recruitment, part-time HR for the smaller company or single outsourced HR functions.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you.